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By K. Gordon Oppenheimer

Have you ever wanted to know the true facts attending the assassination of William McKinley? What do you know about Chief Sitting Bull's part in that affair?

 William McKinley and Sitting Bull photos

Does a play entitled Othello bring to mind the siege of Dunsinane?

  William Shakespeare portrait

Discover for the first time, in Casablanca!, what a "key grip" or a "gaffer" is.

Bogart and Bacall from Casablanca 

These 28 essays are intended to have you rolling on the floor in paroxysms of laughter or at least chuckling out loud, irrespective of your neighbors' quizzical looks. All you need to enjoy these pieces is a good sense of humor, a sense of irony, and a willingness to see history and literature from a different and perhaps distorted perspective.

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911 If You Like It On Your Way Down
Casablanca! Impeach Her Othello-Moor or Less
Computerized Little Red Riding Hood King Lear Sexual Harassment
The Conference La Duc Di Siena The Taxicab Caper
Dot Com The Lecturer The Third Symphony
Down with Testudo! The Legend of William McKinley White House Reservations Desk
Englonics The Losers Who Buried Columbus in Grant's Tomb?
For Better or for Verse The Mystery of Marie Roquefort Y2K: A Non-Problem
For Private Eyes Only The New IRS  
The Ia Family Chronicles Oh Yeah! Who Said So?  

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